No one remembers how the ground became uninhabitable and scorched. Just like no one remembers why or what they were fighting for. The reasons were lost, just like most of the world’s history. What is known is that the fighting had be going on for as far back as people could remember. Those that live in the sky, against those that live in the ground. Each fighting for their very way of life.

The Sky People built up and away from the surface, building quicker and higher than the toxic emissions could go until their structures stood high above the clouds. Shimmering white and magnificent to behold, the structures blended glass, concrete and steel into towers of opulence.

The Mole People dug way down, escaping from the heat of the surface – digging and fortifying their underground cities until they were able to tap into the limitless energy of the planet’s mantle. Tunnels lead to great halls, all carved from the very rock that was now their home and protection. The energy of the Earth’s mantle allowed expansion on a scale never before witnessed.

Both people trying to get away from the death that is the planet’s surface. The toxic fumes released by radioactive soil, the radioactive soil generating temperatures that nothing can endure. And between the two, a constant war. trying to convince the other on the better way of life.

And so the war still wages – Up versus Down.


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