I meet Paul in 2012 through my now wife, Simone. We would go to his house every Sunday night after church and watch movies. Through this, I came to know he is a big DnD, Fallout and film geek. We share common interests. We also share a love of technology.

Paul was one of my groomsmen at my wedding, and he remains a good friend of mine to this day. In fact, he is even the producer of my podcast. He uses Windows for Media creation and has his own YouTube Channel where he creates play through of games, he streams on Mixer and has a home studio (which is where I record the podcast). Check him out on Twitter!

I asked Paul some questions that covered tech, Windows and the Windows Insider Program and the interview is below. Enjoy!


What got you into tech?
My father was into tech and bought one of the first Vic20s when I was new born, as a toddler he upgraded to a Commodor64. I remember sitting on his knee watching him make/play games and as I got older we would pull the PCs apart to see how they work. Been pulling PCs and electronics apart ever since.

What is your area of specialty?
I specialize in PC support for media, I started working in the media industry by upgrading a TV station from a BetaCam system to a fully digital system when digital TV was been first introduced into NZ. It hen moved onto the network render manager for a 3D studio who worked closely with Weta when Kong was been produced.

What do you like about tech?
That it is a powerful and flexible tool, with enough imagination there is nothing you can’t accomplish.

Which or what future tech gets you excited?
Media creation is now more accessible then ever. So many people who have a creative spark can actually explore that spark and create some amazing media. This is both in relation to the creation and distribution of media.

What about tech do you dislike?
How many people are so single minded in their opinions about tech. Windows 8 was a prime example, I had so many people complain that it was terrible because it didn’t look/act the way the wanted it to without first trying it. HOWEVER when introducing people to PCs for the firsttime I saw so many people use Windows so intuitively and get excited about tech like never before. Also the assumption that to do something you must follow only one path (i.e. to be creative you can only use a MAC.)


Why do you use Windows?
Price of the hardware, at Visual Appetite/FTN (TV Station) we were using Avid/Pro Tools on the G4 Macs. We then were looking at upgrading and for the price or a G5 we could buy multiple (3x) Intel Celeron dual quad core CPU PCs with Windows on it. When starting my own studio I became a champion for Windows media creation with Adobe and started getting a large client list who all moved to Windows PCs and have never regretted going back.

What do you love about Windows 10?
The look, it is a really nice looking system that is customizable. It is both powerful and simple.

What do you dislike about Windows 10?  
People’s attitude towards it. They hear that it “doesn’t do this” and will complain “Windows is bad because it doesn’t do this”. I also hate the slow removal of the Control Panel.

If you could change one thing in Windows 10 right now, what would it be?
The tablet mode has gone backwards since Windows 8.1.

Windows Insider:

How did you hear about the insider program and when did you join?
When Windows 10 was first announced I became the Windows Insider at work so I could teach staff and customers about it.

What were your thoughts on it when you joined compared to now?  
I was supper excited about it at first, now it’s so so.

What do you think about the evolution of Windows 10from the beginning to now?
I can see where it is going, it has made some nice changes and some changes I would like back.

Where do you want to see the Windows Insider program go in the future?
Don’t really know, sorry.

Do you have anything else you’d like to add?
I love the integration of Xbox and Windows and would like to see the platforms become closer (more games that are cross platform).

Thanks Paul for your time! 
If you feel like you have things to add, or would like to be featured, drop me a line on Twitter! I am keen to profile other Windows Insiders and get their perspective on the Program and tech in general.