At some point, you have all the tools you need, you have done all the planning. At some point its just time to do the thing. That thing that you have been putting off, planning for, and of course, telling everyone you are doing.
Just get up.
And do the thing.
The Excel spreadsheet will still be there when you get back. Those trainers aren’t going to jog themselves. Words don’t fall out of thin air and arrange themselves on the page. The grass refuses to cut itself. Netflix will not cease to exist.
Just get up.
And do the thing.
But, but, but… But I need to make my Wunderlist perfect! But I need to get cushioning and sweat absorbing socks! But I don’t feel like it! But there is a new shiny! So many buts, so many excuses.
Just, and here is the secret, the magic formula, the lightning in the bottle, the part that some people charge for
Or, if that is not clear enough
That thing, just do it.