What do you do when the hype has come and gone? When your product has been released and millions around the world are using it every day? How do you keep the momentum of creating a community going?
Windows 10 is now 2 years old. Its basically a toddler. And just like a toddler, its growing and learning new tricks all the time. But since its official release, the Windows Insider hype has died down a little. Before it was watching something grow and change with all the input one could muster. Features coming and going. Interfaces being updated, being regressed, and being cut out. It was exciting. The Insiders were living on the bleeding edge.
Now? Well Windows 10 is old news. Regular updates are keeping it growing and changing, but the public perception seems to be “its out, its working”. So I must give kudos to Dona for keeping the Insider momentum going. From a community that was testing out the latest builds (although we still do that), to a community that helps each other. I wouldn’t have this site up on Azure if it wasn’t for an Insider who directed me to fantastic resources.
So the world might have moved on, and rightly so. We can’t have Windows be exciting all the time – the defeats the purpose of an operating system. But the Insiders still have their community. We are here to help. We want to help! And not just to offer up our machines to the Microsoft Testing Gods, but to help each other.
It is one of  my greatest pleasures to be a part of this community.