Everything can be made better.
The mantra of the Windows Insiders. This is why we do what we do. If you know me for longer than 5 minutes, you have realized that I believe this to my core. From me to you to the world around me – everything can be made better. If you think like this, you may be a Windows Insider in waiting. Join us. We have Ninja Cats.
I realized I sort of just jumped into this series head first last year, with little to no context. I realize I could have done things better. So I am taking the time now to rectify that.
This Improving Windows series will focus on one aspect of the OS. And do a deep dive into where its still falling apart, where its doing a great job and where it could use a little nail polish. There will be big and scary link that look like this:
Go on, click it (if you’re on Windows 10 that is). It will open up the Feedback Hub where you can see a piece of my feedback. If you agree with it, you can upvote it. If it stirs your heart to compose a poem or a iliad, you can put that in the comments.
With this link, I’ll typically provide my reason (or argument) for why I think its the best idea since sliced ham, in an effort to convince you to upvote me and make me even more famous! Kidding. I am famous enough, thanks.
If you have ideas on what I should look at, or if you think my ideas are bunk, or if you just want to chat – reach out to me on Twitter. Its my home on the internet.
Are you ready? I am ready!