Welcome dear reader, to the official start of Blog Month (TM).
Every human is a creator. It doesn’t matter what you’re creating, at the heart of the matter is that you, yourself, create. Whether it’s for others or yourself. A spreadsheet warrior is creating information out of data. An Xbox gamer is creating experiences for those that are watching their streams, or through their screenshot they share or even those they are playing with. A couple is creating a life, a home, a family. Building a computer is even creating – you are creating a tool which can be used in so many ways. Humans love to create. When we create, we come together, we form communities. It was not one man that walked on the moon, it was a nation. This truth flows through the Windows Insider community. Only together can we create something great.
The Insiders co-create with Microsoft, but it’s more than just Windows 10. It goes much further. A Windows Insider helped me move my blog to Azure. Another Windows Insider got me in contact with people who host meetups. The freaking head and architect of Windows Insiders actively engage with me on Twitter! My wife can attest to how much I fan-girl over this community of people looking out and helping other people. We aren’t just co-creating Windows 10, we are co-creating friendships, partnerships and even marriage-ships…
The Windows Insiders have created community. One which I have never seen before. A community which encourages its member. A community which helps its members. The first response is “how can we help?” rather than “not my problem” or “harden up”. We engage with each other’s lives, even though we have never met. We want everyone to succeed. We aren’t trying to get ahead by ourselves, for we know that we can travel further together. And that is something I love about this community.
Every day, when I step out and represent the Windows Insiders, I do so with pride and humility. It’s not just me that people see after all, it’s the millions of people just like me, wanting to show people how much tech can help. I love this community for what it’s done, what it’s doing and what it plans to do. And I hope that I still have a part to play many years from now.