When the Windows Insider program was announced, I jumped at the chance to sign up. The chance to test Windows 10 and having my feedback shape the product was something that got me super excited. Seeing the “New & Shiny” first and then getting to add my $0.02, well that’s an opportunity you don’t pass up.

I have been wanting to do something like this for a while. And while I thought it would make a good podcast, timing has not been kind to me. So its now a blog series… Ever since being awarded as an Insider MVP, I have wanted to shine a light on the other Insiders in the community. Everyone contributes in a different way after all. So I got some questions together, and did a mini interview slash profile on a few.

I call this series Brave Enough To Click Next.

Being in tech, we forget that most people hesitate when clicking next. They are not sure what will happen and even if they should.
The people I am going to profile don’t hesitate. In fact, they seem to seek out the Next button – whether that be on their PC’s or in their life – they are embodiments of #doTheThing.

These are the Windows Insiders that are my friends, colleagues and community. They are the ones Brave Enough To Click Next.