I have a feeling that Evil Scarecrow snuck into one of Apple Music For You playlists. The song was The Magician which blended black and death and symphonic metal. At this stage, I didn’t know the lyrics, or anything else about the band, but I know I liked the song. Like, a lot. Like, 16 times listened to it over the course of the week liked. And that was before I even looked the band up. In my mind, this is how all black metal should sound – epically composed and musically brilliant. 

Then I looked up the band. And then I looked up their music videos. And then I looked up their lyrics along with more videos. 

Evil Scarecrow makes some of the best black symphonic metal I have ever heard. 
They also happen to be completely taking the micky out of the entire metal scene, in a way that only the Brits can. And its absolutely perfect. How this band has managed to slip under my radar for so long baffles me, but I am ever grateful that they have now popped up. 

For reference, the band is composed of
Dr. Hell – vocals and guitar
Brother Pain – guitars
Kraven Morrdeth – bass
Princess Luxury – keyboard
Ringmaster Monty Blitzfist – drums

The album that has grasped me from the first chord to the very last is Chapter IV: Antartarctica. No, thats not a misspelling.

The album opens with Skulls Of Our Enemies. And its all about drinking from the skulls of our enemies. We very clearly have the same enemies as Evil Scarecrow, or so they seem to think. Its catchy, its great, its also completely over the top.

In fact, “completely over the top” is how this entire album review is going to go. Because the very next song – Red Riding Hood (of which they have a video for) is all about red people from Mars coming to destroy earth by seducing people, which in turn causes earth to retailite by sending a team of people who couldn’t see the red people because “in our anger, we only saw red”. Thats pretty much how over the top this band is. But musically these guys are geniuses!

The Magician is one of my favorite songs off this album. Its chorus is “I am awesome!” after all. And its about magic. And its just great and you should go listen to it right now! And thats all I will say about it.

Hurricanado. What a title. Its amazing, is what it is. The story about the person who invented the tornado – Thomas Ornado in 1929 – and combining it with a hurricane. Which then in turn unleashes the most destructive force on earth… And an earthquake.
Seriously, go watch the video. It was done all in one take, and its amazing. 

If you think I am taking crazy pills, you’re not wrong. In the moment, the songs are amazing. Writing it out, you have to wonder how this band has managed to keep going. Oh, right, people like me, who will listen to this awesome music, sing along to hot, red people from Mars and thoroughly enjoy it.

Then there is a song about The Turnip King.
At this stage, I just can’t even. I promise I am not making this up. 

Maybe I should choose another band to cover for November… Actually, it is too late now. I am this far, lets just carry on down the rabbit hole! Lets descend into even further madness…

Polterghost is such a good song, that…
I keep feeling I have to justify liking this when trying to explain what these songs are about…. But you’ve read this far, you must either be with me all the way, or in too much shock to close the tab. So… onwards?
Polterghost is about a really lame ghost haunting a house. He is pretty useless, but really funny. Watch the video, seriously. He reminds me of my wife – tries really hard and entertains himself and those around them, while being completely crazy. 

Sigh… The next song. Wait, I need tea for this. 


Ok, I am back. So the next song…
The next song is Cosmos Goth Moth Gong and this song happens…
*Inward sigh* It happens to be about a Cosmos Goth Moth named Gong.

Lets break this down, because its only now that I am typing it, that its sinking in. A cosmos goth moth. A moth. That is a goth. And comes from outer space. A moth that is an alien goth. 

Ok, hold up.
It is a moth, named Gong. Who has come from outer space. And is a goth. 

A moth.

Thats a goth.

From space.


Next… The Ballad of Brother Pain is great. Slow, creepy and wondering why Brother Pain went to Antartarctica – which is the coldest place on earth.  And this song blends into the title track – Antartarctica. Never before have I heard the death metal vocals singing about penguins, but it works.

And that is Evil Scarecrow to a T. It really shouldn’t, but it works. It works really well. Its fun, stupid, fantastic, and these chaps just happen to be stupidly talented.

They seem to be getting by on Patreon, and look to be almost completely independent. If you like what you hear, stream their songs a few hundred times or throw them a dollar or two. Oh, and watch their Patreon video. It reminds me of Eddie Izzard in only the best way. 

Thats November’s album. Let me know what you think. I love this band because… Wait, there I go trying to justify why I like them. Trust me. They are very good, and a little (a lot) crazy. Super funny guys, and a really good time. 

Now, about their song Crabulon about a crab crossed with an android…