“Until I taste my last breath
Until I hear my final heartbeat
Until I see the face of death
I’ll carry you with me”
From the opening lines of this album, to the last electronic beat, this album is something special.
Death Therapy was formed by Jason Wisdom and released The Storm Before the Calm in February 2017. And I completely stumbled upon this project by accident. For you see, Jason Wisdom (what a great last name) was the vocalist for Becoming The Archetype, which I was fortunate enough to see live and even have a signed shirt from these guys hanging proudly in my computer room. To say I am fan is an understatement. Becoming the Archetype is a band very near to my heart, and I am sure, one of these album reviews will be me just gushing about them one day. But this is not BTA. This is Death Therapy.
This is Jason’s solo project, and when on tour he packs his own drummer. Why is this odd you ask? Well, Jason is a bass player. This is what happens when metal meets drum and bass, and makes it kick ass. Its electronic, its metal, its catchy, and its Christian. Not in the typical way you think of, with Church hymns. No – this dives deep into Jason’s faith and the struggles that come with having this faith. Its real and raw and its suits this type of music perfectly.
The name of the album is even a hint at the struggles – the storm of life before meeting the peace of Jesus. And Jason has even gone on record to say that. As a Christian man in todays society, the struggles, and truthfulness of these songs have really reverberated with me. But enough about me, lets talk music! That’s what you’re here for after all.
Until Then is the song I quote above and it’s a great declaration of faith. It moves into the song that really hooked me on first listen – Self Mind Dead. I am tempted to quote the whole song, but I’ll just highlight what really stands out to me.
When the blind lead the blind
Only darkness they find
But you don’t see it
Your eyes are clenched like fists
No, you don’t even feel it
Oh how your blindfold fits
I have oh so much more to say about this band. But you’ll just have to listen to it. It mixes electronic with metal, clean vocals and growling. If you like Marylin Manson, this is the next logical step. Its heavier, both musically and lyrically. Its an album that feels like it has weight, it has meaning.
I am just happy that Jason is back, doing what he loves, and being my friend on Facebook. No seriously, he accepted my friend request…
On a final note, bands like this, where each song and even the album title has such personal meaning to the artist, and they aren’t afraid to be raw with themselves, don’t come along very often. It’s a quality I admire in these guys, and I wish I could imitate. Music like this shows just how much I deflect, in my personal and profressional relationships. I have a hard time being open to just about everyone, so music like this helps me express myself. I see it as my form of worship in a way. It gives me the words I do not have.
And now, a light note – I leave you with the video for Self Mind Dead. Give it a listen or seventeen. It deserves way more than its got.
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