Apple Music has done something I never thought a music streaming service could do. In fact, its taking me right back to being 14 and listening to the rock radio show that played every Sunday night at 10 pm. It has gotten me excited about singles. You know, those songs that come out before the album as a sort of teaser. Like a game demo, except with music.

The power of saying “Hey listen to this one song”, even if an off the cuff remark, can often lead to people finding new and exciting things to enjoy. With this in mind, here is my very 2018 version of “hey, listen to this song”. These are songs that, even though I have not gotten into the album (yet), are still great and have been played in the Dunkerley household many a time. Much to the chagrin of Simone. Sometimes…

A quick side note – most, if not all, are going to be heavy. Some bands will have odd names. Some songs will have odd names. Some will not even have been released this decade. With that in mind, lets begin.

These are the songs that defined my 2018.

First up – Heaven Shall Burn’s Corium. Don’t be put off by the name. Give it a listen. The intro, the opening riff, the drums kicking in. Oh yes, this will make your ears bleed in only the best way.
Corium is formed during the meltdown of a nuclear reactor and is the mixture of nuclear rods, reactor and even the melted concreate. And that pretty much tells you everything you need to know about this song…
“In the name of progression
In silence they still teach”

Staying with the same band – Valhalla (To Good To Steal From Edition) – is a cover of a Blind Guardian song of the same name. This version has been metalified, and tuned to 11. Heavy, fast, technical – its brilliant all around. This song never fails to get me excited, and makes me wish I had long hair to circle headbang along!

What list would it be without Fit For a King? And the song that makes this list is the one that got me into their latest album – Dark Skies. The Price of Agony is truly a masterpiece in all aspects. I cannot gush enough about this song!
“Your hallow voice won’t speak for me!”

Moving onto some more symphonic music, we have Sonata Arctica’s Cloud Factory.
Sonata Arctica have the unique blend of electronic, clean vocals and power metal which makes them stand out in any music collection. And I do like my power metal!
“If you ever dream, at the end of the day
That you’re gonna live as a free man
There’s no hook, no sinker, no line
And you will never leave
The Cloud Factory”

Another song that really appeals to me, and will probably be on rotation forever, is Oh, Sleeper’s Means to Believe. There is much I can say about this song. But I don’t want to sully the lyrics with my thoughts. Rather, sit back, listen to it and draw your own conclusions. This is just a beautiful song, in every way.

The Way of Vikings by Amon Amarth always scratches my Viking metal itch. If that’s your cup of tea, of course. There is something primal about having two men, fighting to the death with swords and shields. It appeals to the warrior within, which I think all men have, and should cater to more often. Plus, have you seen these guys’ beards!

My last recommendation for this episode. First sung in 1984 for the movie Footloose by Bonnie Tyler, and now covered by the fantastically named Graveworm, I Need A Hero – a cover of Holding Out For a Hero – came out in 2007 and became known amongst my friends as “Kyle’s song”. If you ever wondered what eighties synth pop sounds like when done in a completely over the top death metal sort of way, well, your dreams have been answered. I have hurt my throat numerous times singing along to this song over the past 12 years, at one stage even losing my voice for an entire day. That’s how much I love this song! Every month, this song gets a minimum of 6 plays – thats almost twice a week.
You know the words, so you may as well (try) sing along!

These are not every song I listened to in 2018 – just a few that I think stand out and ones that I keep going back to.

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