2018 was a great year for music, even if I didn’t listen to only 2018 releases… Starting off with my Sort-of Music Reviews allowed me the mental freedom to listen to music and still believe I was being productive. And I really enjoy talking about metal. Like a lot a lot. So it was a great outlet for one of my passions that not many people will entertain for long.

Without further ado, lets dive into my favorite albums that I came across this year! I hope you are as excited as I am!


Attalus – Into The Sea

Firstly – Attalus’ Into The Sea. What can I say about this album apart from it still finds its way onto repeat quite often. Into the Sea is probably the most beautiful album I have ever heard, and will most likely remain there until these guys get back together. The entire theme, composition, lyrics and feel of this album ties everything together in amazing ways. I don’t think I ever skipped a song from this album when they came up on random, and more often than not, when the song did come up on random, would pull me into listening to the rest of the album. Even their previous album – Post Tenebras Lux – has found its way onto my most listened list.

Fit For A King – Dark Skies

Ah! A 2018 release appears! Dark Skies by Fit For a King exploded on the scene early this year and got rave reviews – not only from me – but from real life music critics. The mix of hardcore and death metal really stand out in a genre that can get tired quickly. I loved this album for what it brought to the table – honest lyrics about a lot of things from depression to doing good in the world. Another start to finish album that will sit on the top shelf of most listened.

Judicator – The Last Emperor

Power metal album of the year right here! The Last Emperor stands heads and shoulders above almost any power metal album in recent years and, I’d dare say, stands shoulder to shoulder with the power metal greats of yesteryear. Of course this is all my opinion, but what is music if not subjective? While not a beautiful album like Attalus, or as heavy hitting as Fit For a King, Judicator have a massive achievement on their hands. In the genre of power metal, they have shown the way, holding the torch for future generations to enjoy. Over the course of this year, I have played this album about 15 times. Thats start to finish.

The Privateer – The Goldsteen Lay

Pirate metal meets death metal in the best folk album I listened to this year – The Goldsteen Lay. Just this morning, I listened to the entire album again and found it just as great as the first time. This album really takes you on a journey, a journey to a cursed island, and even thought its cursed, you find yourself wanting to go. Thats the sign of great song writing!

Sleeping Giant – I Am

Sleeping Giant’s I Am album makes this list not just due to being a solid release, but for a bit more than that. Their last album, ever, came out this year. For a band I have followed from almost their very first song, right to the end, its an album that carries more than just 11 songs. I am both sad and happy that I was able to join Sleeping Giant on their journey. This album means a lot to not only me, but to all the other fans out there.

Phinehas – Dark Flag

Another album that came out of nowhere to knock me on my backside – Phinehas’ Dark Flag. This album was the first time I really got into Phinehas as a band, even though this album was released in 2017, and not just songs that played when I hit shuffle. It starts off heavy and kind of never stops, which is right up my ally. If you want to be blown away by music and lyrics and really see what these guys are about, check out Break the Earth. This is the song that sold me on this album completely.
“If all it takes is a voice to lead, rise up Moses and teach me to speak. If all it takes is a mustard seed, I’d trade my heart to move a mountain in me”

Honorable Mentions

Evil Scarecrow’s Chapter IV: Antartartica is another album that is amazing in its own right and I look forward to what they will do next. For some metal thats extremely self aware, you can’t get much better than this band. I have written about them before. If you want to see what you’re getting with Evil Scarecrow, you should check it out.

Cypecore’s The Alliance was another solid release that really deserves a listen. Industrial metal with fantastic outfits make this band really stand out. The drummer is one of the best I have ever seen.

Death Therapy’s The Storm Before The Calm remains a staple on my listening rotation, and even though I did not encounter the album this year, I have still listened it to way more than normal.

Next, we’ll look at songs – so those one hit wonders, singles, and “this song is great, pity about the rest of the album” types.

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