Because I am a geek or nerd, I suppose its time to come out with a techie post one in a while. I do believe this is my first. So bare with me. Its not going to go into specs, or popularity, but more with my thoughts.

If you know me, you would have known that I had and used every iPhone since the 3G. Such an amazing device! It truly changed the world  You would aslo realise that the iPhone 5 shook my faith in a Tim Cook lead Apple and allowed my mind to wonder. This is how I ended up with the Nokia Lumia 920. Yes, its true, its a Windows Phone.

With this phone, I was an early adopter. Not because of the present and what it held, but for the future. I bought into the future that Microsoft was selling. One OS from a phone to the Xbox to a desktop computer. This promise was Windows 8. So I dived right in. Windows 8, here I come.

Now Windows 8 on the desktop is amazing. Fast, fluid, everything Windows 7 was and more. The perfect evolution of the desktop system. Windows Phone 8 however… After using it for 6 months, and knowing that the hardware is better than the iPhone 5 in every way, it still feels like something is missing. Its not apps, because I have almost every app I used on my iPhones. Its something else. It lacks soul. Thats the only way I can describe it.

iOS is built with all the small things in mind. The way the device feels in your hand. The sound coming out the headphones. The software has been scrubbed and polished in every little way. Every little way that Windows Phone 8 has not. And you can clearly see the design ethos of each company in these respective products.

I know Microsoft will get there. Look at what they did with the Xbox. They have the exact same idea with Windows Phone and Windows 8. And with each new update they are moving closer to their future of 3 screens and a cloud. Games you play on your Xbox will carry to your phone and your desktop, and even your tablet. Documents will be the same. Its just me being impatient. They will get there.

So whats the point of this post? Your guess is as good as mine. I really want Windows Phone to succeed and become the number 3 mobile OS, or even the number 2. I just want Microsoft to inject some soul into their platform. Make me fall in love with the hardware and software the way Apple did. On some days I would pick up my iPhone just to feel it. Microsoft needs to bring that to the table.

So what is missing from Windows Phone 8? Apart from playing catch up with features, its a solid platform. Much like traffic lights – they work, but they just aren’t exciting.

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