Hello dear reader. Yes, an update. After a long enough absence of anything, I tend to post updates to try an explain my absence and try justify why you should still follow this site… So lets see…

Hello, and welcome back. Long time no see. Is that a new haircut? It suits you. You look like you’re doing well. Ah, you’re visiting other sites now? That’s cool. No, of course I didn’t expect you to hang around forever. Look, just because I am back doesn’t mean we have to be awkward about it.

Now that’s out of the way, I suppose we should move over to the update part of this update. I promise I have been busy. And not just ignoring you. So what has kept my interest? Hmm… We I started a podcast. Its going quite well, if I do say so myself. Feel free to check it out – Over Here. Running a weekly podcast is quite enough to keep someone busy, I can assure you. In addition to that, full time work, trying to get back into the gym habit, doing side hustle work, semi-running a weekly home group, being sociable, and trying to be a good husband have all taken up my time. Oh, and this small little game, you might have heard about it, Destiny 2? But see, gaming is now research for the podcast. In a way. So its not really slacking off time. And I have taken up the habit of journaling in the morning, which is scratching my writing itch. Oh, and I have been planning another, different project, while thinking up more topics for more short stories that will grace this site as well as hopefully a really big one that might even be a book. That’s the dream. We wait and see..

So there. I have been a tad busy. I know that’s no excuse and I need to prioritize things more. And as we get into summer, I have a feeling that I’ll be blogging more. Warmer weather means more energy and less Netflix.┬áIn a way, this is me saying “Hello. I am going to try make an effort to write a bit each day.” The trick is, this writing might not actually be blog posts. It might be short stories that will eventually go online.

And in case you forgot, I am pretty active on Twitter too. Now I hope to write something of substance…

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