When reading about the men of old, they always seem to have done so much with their lives. For instance, just give this Art Of Manliness article a read. Go on, I’ll wait.
Right, now that we are the same page, I am sure you get my meaning. Here was a man that did so much with his century on this planet, and here I am, having spent a third of that time already. When reading stories like this, I often wonder if I am not doing enough with my time, with my life.
Its a feeling I get quite often. There is so much to do and I am limiting myself to a small subset of it for the sake of stability and comfort. Men are supposed to be risk takers, the ones to push things forward, yet all I am doing is playing games and building computers. What am I really doing?
What does keep me busy is the business of life. All those daily little things you have to do to make sure there is less work to do tomorrow. And you end up doing them tomorrow again. I am sure you have those little jobs or tasks as well. Its the state of life these days. We have all this entertainment at our fingertips that we end up not accomplishing much at all.
Its far to easy to put on Netflix. To take it easy on the weekend. To have a long day at work.
We forsake out health for work. We forsake our experiences for having more money. We forsake our contemplation for empty entertainment.
And what do we have to show for this?
Being the most (self) photographed generation in history.

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