And so dear reader, we have come to the end of my three-in-three. I do not mean I have accomplished them, nor am I claiming to have even started them, I just mean they are now written down and stored on the ether from now until… a very long time from now.

Writing down goals and thoughts is a great way to get your mind thinking on how to accomplish them or the path one must take. It is the very reason so many people start this process with the phrase “Dear Diary”. I am not going to go over what my three in three were, that you can find out for yourself. After all they are right under this one. Rather, this is the closure of the discussion. I have my goals. They are only three and in those three, may be split into an infinite amount of small steps, but they are there. You may have one, or you may have five. Just please have at least one big one. One that lives on the very edge of possibility. One that, some nights, when you are alone, and truly honest with yourself, wonder if you will even manage to make it happen. But then resolve sets in, and you clench your fist tighter, you shut the windows to the wind of doubt, pull yourself towards your self and take yet another step towards it. It is this very resolve which sets the men apart from boys (Not to be gender elitist of course).

Since the idea for my three-in-three came at the beginning of this year, I count this as my first year which in turn means that by the end of 2015, I aim to have accomplished all three. How will I do it? I have my plans. No you are not allowed to know just yet for they are mine and not yours so deal with it.

What made me decide three in three in particular? Many things. Age. Dates. Personality shifts. I find I like to line things up. And it doesn’t get neater than ending in 2015, when I will be 30 years old. If I can manage that, my next decade will prove to be one of the most exciting yet. And before you ask, yes, I already have goals I need to accomplish between 30 and 40. You see dear reader, it should never end. There should never be a ceiling. Adapt, engage, improve. That’s a motto I have been living with for a while. Always strive for the best. Always follow your heart. Fears of the unknown should be relished, should be fed off of. Life should never become too comfortable, for then you are doing it wrong.

And so this pert of my thought process is over. I have my road set out in front of me. I know what I must do. It is up to me to figure out what will be the first steps. You, dear reader, just get to come along for the ride.

The time we have on planet earth is short, but a blinking of an eye, and in that time when the eyes open to take in the wonder and splendour till the time when they close in peace, we have to make a difference. I urge you

make it count.

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