The one in which I ramble out a long winded introduction.

Dreams. Goals. Aspirations. As a human being, capable of free thought, everyone has these. Everyone has an image in their heads of how they would like the future to turn out. Only a select few actually get to the point of knowing how to make them happen, and even less take the time to realize the first step. A journey begins with a single step and what not but there in lies the trap. The first few steps often take the sight off the end goal. Alas, I am rambling and not really getting to the point I so wish to make.

For those who speak to me regularly, then they will understand, but for those of us joining now, lets recap. Yes, I know – a double introduction is not the hallmark of a good writer. Luckily for you dear reader, I never claimed to be. So lets begin. For real this time. This is the introduction of a trilogy of blog posts. So consider this a prologue.

I have decided that I have three really big goals I want to accomplish in the next three years. The time line for them is not set in stone, but the end date is. I realise this is ambitious, foolhardy and utterly insane, but if one does not try, then one may as well be dead. Life is a challenge that  needs to be met head on. Listening to a lot of wise (read: old) people about what matters most in life, and while money is nice to have, it is a fleeting lover. What matters is your dreams. Never stop dreaming, and never stop striving for them. Having big goals to meet also has the added bonus of making day to day choices easier.

And so we begin…

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