Part III: Companionship

“It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

For many people, companionship is about marriage. Whether it be between a man and a woman, a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, the fact is that they have someone to share their life with. Companionship – someone to share the good times and the bad, is what most people truly, really long for in this life.

For this reason it is important. It is my last point simply due to the fact that companionship is influenced by your location and what type of job you do. Now I am not saying all women are gold diggers, so do not take it like that at all. I’ll draw you a mental picture. In other words, here’s an example.

A person may only meet people in the physical place that one is. It goes with out saying. You are in Town A, therefore your friends will be in Town A. This is location. A person my only meet people in ones day to day activities. If you work nights, you tend to meet people who also work nights, for this is a regular task for you. This is Job. So the first one influences the second and both influence the third. Its like an elaborate house of cards, or even better, an upside triangle. If you squint just right.

So if you followed the example correctly, you will be on the same page as myself. Sometimes I wonder if I am on a page all all by myself, somewhere near the appendix, you know, one of the blank ones… But I am getting side-tracked.

Finding the right companion has been shrunk down to a very impersonal mathematical equation these days. Just look at OK Cupid and you will see what I mean. I like to think a little more traditional way. There are many fish in the sea, and the sea is by and far really large. There are many fish you may catch, but the one you want most is the marlin. The marlin represents the prize. And in saying that, the companion you want should be your prize. You should wonder every day how on earth you managed to snag such a person. Kidnapping is not encouraged.

Now hear me out on this point: a marlin is not a trophy as much as it sounds like it. A marlin is just the best. When it comes to people, your best might be different from my best. I like X and you like Y. That’s what being human is about – we are all different. We all like different things. We are all attracted to different people. This is common knowledge. The marlin is about finding your ideal, your best. The one you will fight for. And the one that looks best when stuffed and hung over the fire place. That, dear reader is also a joke. Stage left is right over there for those that don’t get it.

So now the practical, as one is inclined to start winding down on. Finding either the one person or the people to share your journey through this amazing adventure called life. They could be close friends, or it could be your marlin. It all depends on what you want your outcome to be. For myself that means both. Something I would have never thought just a year ago. I see this as a sign of me getting more awesome, some people might hint that I am growing old or growing up. To those people, I blow a giant raspberry.


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