For my first Fun Friday posts, I have decided to talk about something that I am having so much fun with at the moment. Its called Satisfactory, and its a factory building game about building and automating factories! Que the shock.

Made by the beloved Coffee Stain Studios, the very same ones that bought us Goat Simulator. So that should tell you for all its deep mechanics and fantastic visuals, its going to be a slightly wacky, over the top, style game. And boy does it deliver.

From the moment you start and are catapulted down onto the gorgeous planet you’re about to start pillaging, you can get a good feel for the humor. The computer, named ADA for Artificial Directory and Assistant, informs you that you are part of the lucky 1/3 to successfully survive planet fall.

And then you’re off to your own devices. Working for FICSIT Inc, they demand certain things from you in order to unlock the next tier, and that tier gives you access to stuff you need to supply to the overlords in order to progress to the next tier, and so you see the game play loop… Exploring, mining, automating, building, planning, tearing it all down to rebuild, and space elevators. All part of this amazing game. And it looks amazing too.

Currently, I am on my way to automating motors, which I am super excited about! The space elevator gods demand 500 of these things, so the less made by hand, the better. Next will be Heavy Modular Frames, and then who knows…

This game is still in early access, but it seriously plays like a released game. They recently released trains and nuclear power stations, and are looking to add even more buildings until you cover every single inch of the beautiful planet with your conveyor belt spaghetti…

Its a great game, and well worth it to support these fantastic devs.

To find out what you’ll be getting yourself into, heres the early access release trailer… Oh and follow them on Twitter for some really good laughs!