Saving throws. Ten-sided die. Gnomes. Warlocks. Yes all these things are possible (and just a little bit nerdy) when you play RLRPGs. For the not so nerd inclined, thats Real Life Role Playing Games.

So you can see what has taken my fancy this week. Dungeons and Dragons, as you have probably heard of it as, is a role playing game with out a computer and those funky maths. Its a group of (hopefully) friends, who get together, sit around a table with snacks and tea, and go through an adventure using only their imagination and pieces of paper. Cue the shock and horror! Without a computer, you gasp. Yes, without a computer.

And now that I am, on a nerd scale of 1 to 10, over 9000, my please go out to my avid readers (all –1 of you). Who would be keen to join me in the world of Dungeons, Dragons and scantily glad elves?


Thats what I’m talking about

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