Another week, another 7 days of not constantly blogging… This is much harder than one would think. Each post takes me a bout an hour to create, and that’s not including the time thinking about what to write. Inspiration comes in waves, and unfortunately high tide is about mid morning, when I am typically looking at the second printer sent from hell for the day. Oft times this inspiration takes form of not a blog post to write but more in the form of “I want my website to look all pretty and have butterflies and the cursor must be a cat and…” Not very helpful at all. And I do realise it is now Tuesday that I am writing my reflection for the past week, so details will be fuzzy. Not everyone remembers everything, Clarice!
What happened this week? I don’t even know anymore… Its all over shadowed by the excitement that was Microsoft’s Build conference. New tech man! I don’t think I can even blog about all the stuff I am excited about. That’s how exciting it was!
I have still not mastered the discipline required to just sit down and write. Browsing the endless scroll on my phone is far to easy. Its a habit and mindset I have to break. This week is already off to an interesting start, with being busy at work and then also feeling really run down. Sure, its mostly my fault due to the self induced jet lag from last week, and not being as young as I used to be, but its still not a fun feeling… Its amazing how motivation is so strongly tied to feeling good. When you feel good, you want to take on the world and do all the things. When you’re feeling slow and lethargic, you’re quite happy to let your goals and dreams lapse to another day. I am sure there is something in there about the human condition…
So yeah, looking back, as a week for writing, I do not feel very accomplished. As a week in which I got on board the hype train in a massive way, it was a great one. And this week started off with WannaCry and all the unplanned work that goes into patching out a Zero Day.
Its been 16 days since I started this challenge, half way through, and its still sometimes a struggle. But I will carry on. After all at the end of the day what matters is that you showed up.

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