Oh, dear reader, I am in a predicament. You see, my Lumia 950 XL is slowly dying. The screen flickers, its slowing down, and its getting hot. I am already on the second battery. And its over 18 months old. Way past due for an upgrade.
So where do I go to from here? The Galaxy S8 has the best looking and nicest feeling hardware on the market today. But its running Android. And I don’t know about you, but Google sends shivers down my spine, in the wrong way. The iPhone has apps, an OK camera and pretty good hardware. But its Apple. And Apple don’t need anymore money. Especially if they are going to charge me $1,400 for the privilege of dealing with iOS. They should be paying me!
This is a quandary. I love Windows 10 mobile. I love the way it feels just like my Windows 10 PC. And Live Tiles – possibly the best interface on a mobile device ever created. Not to mention the awesome camera. All these things I need to consider. The other option of course is to get a new 950 XL and hope that lasts another 18 months. And just hope like anything that we get a Surface Phone next year. Of course, no matter what phone I get now, it will be an instant, day one, swap out for this mythical phone that manages to 3D print donuts and make me instantly better looking.
Another option is the Google Pixel, simply because the camera is amazing (or so the multiple reviews and hands on experience tell me). Yes its Google, but it should be more secure than anything Samsung codes, right? But its Google. But I could rip out all the Google apps and replace them with Microsoft apps. But its Google. And Groove Music is nowhere near as good as it is on Windows mobile. And man, is Groove good. The three things keeping me on my phone – Live Tiles, Groove, Cortana and the Camera. Ok, so that’s four, but you can’t blame me!
I will sit and wait and watch as my phone slowly dies. The cry and get an iPhone. Because I secretly hate myself.
But not really.

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