Humanity destroys. It’s what we do. We are good at it.
From the earth and her forests, to our relationships with other people. We build them up, and in less than half the time, we manage to destroy it. We take a huge forest, a working eco-system and manage to clear 19,018 km2 per year of it.  We build a friendship, and throw it away.
Humanity destroys. It’s what we do.
So it should come as no surprise that people often destroy the things they love the most. Humanity has built institutions to destroy itself. The institution of money, for example. It has taken a world which was working fine and made it not fine. In fact, it’s made it worse off. Humanity plunders for more money, environments get destroyed and irreplaceable natural resources, which no living thing has any use for, is used up just for that extra half a percent of profit. This world is sick, and humanity is the disease.  
So ultimately, humanity is the virus, is the bug to be squished. Take humanity out of the equation and suddenly the world is a better place, a place that thrives and lives.
Just remember, humanity is not people.
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Conrad · April 10, 2010 at 6:00 pm

sadly, it is in mans nature to destroy himself. humanity is the virus, indeed! we have no right to rule the earth, as we have not earned that status.

also, to your list of institutions, add religion, as it has no place, and adds nothing of value.


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