This is it dear reader, the end of my self imposed Blog-A-Day challenge. I set out to blog every day for a month, and while it was not easy and with a few missed days, here we are. 31 days later, and at least 25 posts (I think). The goal of this was to improve my writing, to stretch me in this area and really figure out why I write, along with getting the creative juices flowing.
So, has my writing improved? I don’t think so. See, I had people point out typos and words that don’t mean what they should mean, but no real editor to hold me up to higher standard. Could I get used to having my work critiqued all the time? Maybe if I was doing this full time. Maybe if I had more than a few hours to myself each day to think about what and why I am writing. Does this mean I am going to stop? No ways! I will strive to be better. Because I enjoy it. Its a challenge. Its supposed to be hard and stretch you. If it was easy, everyone would do it. Can my writing get better? Of course. My lovely wife pointed out to me that I enjoy complex sentences, with commas everywhere. And that’s just because I enjoy the way the words flow. I enjoy the language and most of all, I enjoy bending words like steel, making a tower with my name embossed on it.
As for getting the creative juices flowing… It has indeed succeeded there. I contain in my head and my OneNote many writing prompts for short stories I would like to write. Mainly to see what happens, if not for anything else. And they range from ancient Celtic warriors all the way to a future in which the Large Hadron Collider opens up scientific discovery we haven’t even dreamed of yet. Going forward, if you do not see blog posts from me night after night, then I will probably be penning these stories. And if you follow me on Twitter, you will know when I publish one to my site. Namely because self promotion is the name of the game.
I am glad I did this. It did cause some slight stress, but it was the good stress. Only with good stress can we grow as humans, so its not negative in any way. And I am glad some people have even followed along with my ramblings. Sure, there was no set theme, but I sure hope some one got something out of this. I know I did.
I leave you with this, dear reader. Today, the President of the United Stares of America tweeted about #covfefe. Immediately, Twitter went mad. Memes, t-shirts, Urban Dictionary definitions, Google Translate answers, you name it, Twitter did it. In an age when the most powerful man in the western world has done everything he can to divide people, a simple typo has bought everyone the world over together. All his hateful rhetoric. All his anti-science views. Everything that we should not have in a world leader. One typo has united people. It has crossed borders. It has crossed language barriers. It has crossed the political divide. Remember that when you think your words mean nothing. Remember that when you think you write what ever because no one reads it. Remember how one misspelt word, which was going to be part of yet another hateful tweet, was heard around the world, and bought joy to the lives of everyone who experienced it. Words have power. And you have words inside you.
Sit down, and let them out. Someone, somewhere, needs to hear what you have to say.
Thank you for following me on this journey. Thank you Spam Bots for making sure I always have comments. And thank you for reading. Its not the end. Its a new beginning.

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