Hindsight. What an amazing thing. There’s a saying that says hindsight is always 20/20. I think this is very true. It allows us to understand our past, as well our future. We can look back at mistakes we made, opportunities we never took, when and were things went right. Or wrong. It depends on the observer of course. Hindsight shapes us into what we are now, at this present moment in time, and what (and who) we’ll be going forward.

It also gives us glimpses into our future. We can look back at that pizza. You know the one. It had bacon and cheese and steak… Mmmm… But I digress! It allows us to understand what we want and how we want it. Even what we need. It allows us to understand the results of actions we’ll take. We can see choices we made and see where they got us. Thats how it offers us glimpses into our future. Thanks to that awesome pizza example.

Now it comes as no surprise that some people don’t hold this amazing gift in high regards. It has become more about the here and now than about what could be and what has been. So they end up going in circles, always passing the blame to other circumstances. I’m sure, dear readers, you can think of at least 2 people like that.

People sometimes make me sad. Then I remember that it’s not my problem.

So first post from my phone. I hope you like it. Sorry it’s an emo topic.

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