Ah, life. What a wonderful gift we are given, dear reader! And both a curse. Its the leading cause of death after all… But in between, it can truly be amazing. We have so many experiences at our finger tips, a chance to really drink in life, to poke things with a stick that have a giant sign sign saying “Warning: Do Not Poke With A Stick”. But that’s human nature.

Talking to a group of my peers, some may even call them friends. That’s a joke. Of course they were friends of mine, for how else would I know them well enough to talk about the subject matter which I seem to be doing my outmost to avoid. Sitting in a park, on a Sunday afternoon, the topic of needing to cry came up. Bare with me, males of the world, for I know I speak for all of you. Yes, even you.

It seems some people need to cry. Ok, this boggles my mind. So I am attempting to unpack it. The long way of course. Because this is me after all. So these peers (all of the female agenda – although don’t get any dodgy thoughts now!) seem to put on sad songs and have a good cry and then get on with life. It is like their Update and Reboot Policy. Yes, only computer nerds will understand that joke. I am sorry. The question on my mind is why?

Why on Earth, knowing all that has been given to us, and given up for us, would we want to spend a second of it sad, or unhappy, or with leaky eyes? And to me, that is my secret of why I am perpetually happy, I suppose. And this is my defence too. You see, on this subject, I suddenly became Public Enemy Number One, and was asked why I don’t cry. Yes, if you thought this topic was about them, you are mistaken. Clearly. I missed the memo too, and didn’t even get a copy of the minutes.

So what gives me the leaky eyes syndrome? Well lots of things. Watching the last Batman movie gave me salt in my eyes. Learning, and following of Neil Armstrong’s passing allowed many bugs to fly into my eyes. Watching, in real time, Curiosity land on Mars, stirred up a great wind in my room. Do I cry when life gets me down? No. I don’t see the point. It is something else for me to get through. It can get hard. But why, in this gift of life, do we want to ever be unhappy?

When I am feeling sad/sick/down/unhappy, I stop.

And feel awesome instead.

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