This Sunday Fireside Chat is brought to you by too-much-beer-last-night-but-it-sure-was-a-great-party! I have a feeling its going to be short, simple and end when I get tired rather than when I run out of things to say. But, lets dive in anyways!

Work this week was mostly great. Working at the Port and helping them finished up some stuff before I move on from Prophecy had me Powershelling my day away. And its amazing how energetic and enthusiastic you are when you’re doing something fun. If you had told me a few years ago that I’d be a Powershell fan, I would have laughed. It seems like a really old way of doing things, but when you’re scripting, you get to do so many things really quickly. I still love a good GUI, and my heart will always beat faster when looking at a properly implemented Dark Theme (Hi MacOS). So I am not a full Linux geek yet. Not that I would ever be…

Thursday night Simone took me out on a date to Thai Lotus – the local Thai place just up the road. I think we were both missing the food from the holiday, and its a good excuse to just hangout without distractions. It made me realize that in the weeks when we get really busy, we sort of just stay out of each others way. Sure it helps us be productive and get things done, but I don’t think thats a good habit to fall into. With a shift in jobs, it gives me a mental cut off to say “these habits slash actions slash lifestyle things were a part of that and that environment”. After all, I do enjoy spending time with her.

This week also saw me starting back at gym in the mornings, after deciding I have to do something about this belly of mine. And it helps that Simone and I are now watching Dragon Ball Z too. Nothing gets you quite as motivated as watching Goku and Vegeta fight it out. I even have my special Super Saiyan Vegeta sitting on my PC desk and watching me while I play games. As a form of encouragement, of course! And not because I have a man-cruch on him, like Simone keeps accusing me of! I also need to start shaping up my diet. So far, I have been eating like we did in Thailand. Which is fine when you’re doing 30,000+ steps a day, but while at my desk job, I battle to reach 4,000. Shocking, I know! I need a mental shift in my thinking to get back into the gym habit and the ‘need’ to work out. Especially with changing jobs – one of the most stressful things modern humans put themselves through, apparently.

And I must be more stressed than I realize. I have twitchy eyes, and yesterday – apart from the party – I just wanted to play games all day and let real life responsibilities drift on by. Normally I get like this when I am super tired, or under a lot of pressure from work. I used to manage it with my gym habit – it is nice to spend a hour with your own thoughts, and with nothing more pressing than “pick up this heavy thing” on your mind. So I need to start taking gym and diet seriously again. And stop being so lazy! But on the other hand, I also just want to play Satisfactory. I call this the Duality of a Kyle. Haha! That made me giggle!

Another realization from this weekend – I am no longer 22. Three beers is more than enough. Just because they come in a 6 pack, doesn’t mean I have to finish them. Even though the party was great fun last night, I am paying for it today. With taking gym and diet seriously again, I am going to limit myself to 1 beer a week – and that is only for podcasting purposes (which took off this week and is also wroth celebrating). Also, no more fizzy. As much as I crave it, it does weird things to my insides if I don’t walk it off… I know how odd that sounds, but hey, I am sure you have weird things about you too.

In conclusion – more Simonie dates, I like Powershell, get back to gym, start eating better, no more beer.

Now as I said, I am tired, and have to prep for gym tomorrow morning. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

Have a blessed week!