This Sunday fireside chat is a little late. I chose to do other things yesterday instead of blog, and missed out on what would have been a perfect week of blogging. Oh well, things happen, and I am not sorry. So you shouldn’t be either!

This past weekend was great – I spent it almost fully immersed in Apollo history, even watching the ‘live’ footage of Neil Armstrong take his first steps on the moon. And then carried on watching all two and half hours of EVA, live streamed, from NASA in real time +50 years. Its amazing to see what happened as it happened, and to find so many little details that books, movies and Wikipedia don’t even tell you. I think I learnt a lot, and my admiration and respect for these heroes has increased a thousand fold. So much had to go right, at every step of the mission. It really makes my heart happy. And seeing the renewed interest in maned space exploration amongst the general populace has made me even happier. Maybe there is hope that NASA will hit their 2024 goal with Mission Artemis.

On Saturday, I tried to dive into some fiction writing, ending up with more of a world building story that put me into a corner. So I need to practice that more. A good idea does not always make a great story. And world building, while I find super interesting, also, does not flow like a good story. Stories need characters to, at the least, drive the world building. This is something to work on for next time. And something I need to plan a few days in advance. Which is odd, right, because all my (what I would call) good stories are ones that I just sat down and wrote and didn’t even know with what was coming next. Hmm… Maybe I tried to plan this one out too much and got stuck in the details?

My thought posts – I would like to have a conclusion. But often its just me ‘thinking’ out loud. With no one to bounce the ideas off of, its hard to come to a conclusion. For some reason, I feel as if my writing spark has gone out. I used to be able to sit down and just blog about nonsense, and now, even though I am still excited to blog, I find my thoughts really hard to follow through. It might be that changing jobs is stressing me out more than even I know, or it might be that my thoughts are always on what to make better.

Like even now, I am thinking that my miners in Satisfactory produce 120 raw material a minute, but my smelters only use 30 a minute, so I’d need like 4 to each miner, and end up with spaghetti conveyor belts everywhere. And I have the photos on OneDrive to sort out from the holiday. I must not forget that. 26+ gigs of my photos alone. Need to be organised and trimmed to a highlight reel. Oh, and my inventory in Fallout 4 and Mass Effect: Andromeda needs organsing. But I really should organise my phone home screen and installed apps. And, and, and…

Its pretty tiring to think this way, and I suspect thats why blogging is harder than it should be. My mind is everywhere recently. Scatter brained to the N’th degree. Maybe I just need a good party? Any takers?

Last week was pretty uneventful. My podcast started back up, which gives me something to prep for every week. And I managed to blog every day (apart from Sunday). So thats pretty good. This week, I have decided its officially time to go back to the gym. It means waking up earlier, but in the long run, its something I really need to do. I am still keeping up with the push up club, and going to gym will give me a set time to do those and get them done! So Wednesday is when that kicks off, and I’ll try keep it up till Saturday morning for my first week.

Now the fire is going, I have finished my tea, so its time to put on some good, loud music and start on Music Monday’s post.

Have a blessed week.