Winning Wednesday has a fantastic story this week! In fact, a few people are still buzzy about it. For those that do not know, I host a podcast all about the world of Xbox. And this week was our double feature week. We do NuNews every week, covering the news and new games. And every fortnight, we do GameFace, which covers the games we’re currently playing. While we record the audio for publication later in the week, we live stream the whole thing – from getting there and set up to packing up and going home.

Last night was our double feature – GameFace first, followed by a brief break in which Simone normally leaves to go home, and then straight into NuNews. So its a late night for Lee and I, as each podcast, with setup, mucking around and getting the beer ready, ends up being about an hour and a half.

Now our Mixer channel – where we stream all this live – has peaked at about 6 people watching before last night. But the stars must have aligned! We peaked at 14 watchers, and a very active chat! For a small podcast thats been spread through word of mouth, this is fantastic going! We even got 7 new followers out of it. I am blown away! And the chat was all very civil and friendly. A few even promised to come back next week!

We were so blown away by the reaction that Simone even stayed for NuNews to add some of her unsolicited opinions and to help moderate and guide the chat.

And I am not alone in being absolutely wrapped – Lee, Simone and Paul were all on a high afterwards. Its amazing how much an active chat gives you energy. So thank you to everyone who stopped by!

When I first envisioned The Xboxcast, I never thought about live streaming. I wanted to put a podcast out that talked about games with my friends – similar to my Sort-Of Music Reviews. I never thought 14 people would care to listen what we said or thought. Much less stick around and engage.

Its fantastic to see, and I am super stoked with the effort everyone put in and this amazing outcome. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and chatted to us. It was awesome.

And special shout out to Noel who became our defacto moderator. He did such a fantastic job engaging the chat, and letting people know our schedule. Three rounds of applause!

So yeah, thats what I am stoked about this week. A small victory on this podcast that has been a part of our lives for the past three years.