This Fun Friday, I want to bring to your attention something that has been bringing me untold joy for the past week – the #StormArea51 and “me n my alien” memes floating around social media.

For those who choose to remain ignorant, #StormArea51 is an internet joke about people storming Area 51 to “see them aliens”. And its been in the news a lot. What the news has missed out on is all the fantastic memes it has generated.

So far its up to 1.5 million people on Facebook (at last reporting), and you just know that somewhere in the Pentagon, military generals had to have a meeting about this – Naruto running and all. I think thats the funniest thing to come out of all these awesome memes – the fact that someone had to explain to guys who have been in the military for 50+ years, what a ‘meme’ is, what a ‘Naruto run’ is and what a hashtag is.

And they had to care!

In the interest of National Safety, they had to make notes, and ask questions and some poor guy had to write a full blown report, that was bound and laminated and most likely made it all the way to Trump’s desk. It needed graphs and citations. And profiles of people.
And it needed “Top Secret” stamped on it with the little United States Government seal and everything!

If thats not funny, well then re-read it until it is. Because thats the peak of comedy right there. It does not get better!

Sometimes the internet can be a great place. And this is a great example of it. Everyone getting on board with the joke, and just having fun. It is similar to the time that Trump tweeted ‘covfefe’, and Twitter exploded with all the jokes. For a moment, the world is united in the absolute absurdity of daily life, and everyone just laughs along. This is that moment again.

I leave you with a portal to these fantastic Twitter memes. Go, and see how creative people can get.

I’ll see you on September 20th 😉