And so its happened, dear reader, I have a house. A house with a cat and a fridge. These items are not mutually exclusive, and I do have other things. These are just the 2 items which indicate that this house is now home.

After my 3 month stint of being a hobo and traveling the country side, its time to settle down and be serious… So serious 101 begin!

Kyle’s Guide to Settling Down and Being Serious

Step One: Buy a fridge. It helps. You need a place to store milk for tea. If you get lonely, you can hug the fridge. The fridge also serves to give background noise and we all know fridges say “HOME!” instead of “house”

Step Two: Get a bed and order the internet. I find having a place to sleep and a nice slice of internet always helps you become more serious. Absolutely do not use the internet for watching SpongeBob online. The internet is a tool for real work. The bed is where you go after real work.

Step Three: Get a TV and pay electricity. This is solely for watching SpongeBob, and the electricity is so you dont have to watch SpongeBob in the dark.

Step Four: ???

Step Five: Profit. Thats the end goal of being serious after all…

Follow my handy guide and you will be happy for a good while. This while may be 5 minutes, or the rest of your life. Its up to you.

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