On Sunday, the 22nd of December, in the two thousand and thirteenth year of our Lord, I will be boarding a plane which shall whisk me away to the land of my birth.

Dramatics aside – I need to get my dates out there so that people can schedule me into their hectically busy lives.

I arrive at OR Tambo airport on the 23rd of December at 20:50 (ten to nine) and I depart OR Tambo on the 13th of January at 22:20 (twenty past ten). During this time, a few things are actually scheduled in, such as Christmas with the much extended family. Apart from that, I plan to wing the plans. Which in itself is a plan. I know we will be coming to Durban / PMBurg sometime in January. I also need to go to Cape Town to see Mr Podge and Mr Lynton (who has yet to return my many emails…)

As always, email me at my Live account or Skype me if you wish to make proper plans as I don’t think I’ll have a South African number (apart from my mom’s), and I am not 13, so plans through Facebook are more a hassle than a convenience. Yes folks, Facebook can get off my lawn! Jokes aside, I look forward to seeing all you lovely people again.

Now its time to pack, and using all my will power to not play on my Xbox One…. Although, one race can’t hurt.

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