Hello dear reader. Tonight will be short. You see, my massage therapist has prescribed me magnesium, which apparently makes one sleepy. Since I am already tired, I fear that I will not be awake much longer.
Apparently my muscles are too tight. This is what is causing a whole range of things to appear wrong with me, when in fact I am just tight – like a tiger. Magnesium is supposed to help me be less stressed and less tense the whole time. We’ll see how it goes.
I understand this is not a very good post for being the second to last day of my Blog-A-Day challenge, but its still a post. Its just about real life more… Also, the half of the whole reason for this was to get the creative juices flowing. And – spoiler alert – they have. Expect a few more creative writing pieces under my story portfolio (which I will get working properly one day…)
Kyle Out.

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