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I know, I know. This past week was almost a total wash. And it was the last full week of the Blog-A-Day challenge I set myself. Oh, I cant tell you about the whats and the whys as to why my posts have been missing for the past few days, but you don’t really want to hear about that stuff. I will just say that I have prioritized having more date nights with my wife, and will not apologize, nor feel bad for that.
The last few days of the challenge are in sight, and I know that you must be super worried about me forgetting about this site for another 3 years or something silly like that. Fear not, dear reader. For I have a plan going forward. Will I blog every day of my existence? Maybe not. I will still try to write something everyday. Some of it may end up here on the site, and some of it may be for the epic novel of short stories I am about to pen, at any moment! Its happening folks, I can feel it! What will it look like going forward? Well… Here is the very hard and fast plan. I call it “Kyles Plan to Get Rich And Famous By Writing And Doing Very Little Actual Work (Although, In All Fairness, Its More Of A Hobby Than Anything Right Now) Version 2 Part 1” .
Mondays will be dedicated to My Microsoft – where I will talk cool tech, Windows 10 and even some critique or suggestions on the greater Microsoft ecosystem. Or really anything I find interesting. Since I am a Microsoft and Windows 10 fanboy to the Nth degree, expect a lot of hand wringing about Windows Phone, tears of joy at Windows 10 and just your typical “wouldn’t-it-nice” posts.
Thursdays are when I have discussion group where we talk a lot about high level topics such as “What Is Success” and “What Makes A Good Person” (I am sure you have seen that post flying about) so expect a lot of fall out from that.  High level thoughts where I tell you how I think. Now you are always welcome to leave your own ideas and comments, and I will always retain the right to only publish the comments that make me look good. 😛
Sundays are when I look back on the week and think about what I accomplished. This could be in anything from work, to games, to some fantastic date nights with my beautiful wife. Such as now – which is a reflection-slash-update I suppose…
The other nights, well I will try write something, no matter how big or small, and will be free form. What ever takes my fancy really. If you have suggestions, I am all ears. If you want to engage with me, I always leave comments open. But since most of my readers are people I know in real life, I expect more Skype or Facebook Messages to come through.
Right, are you happy now? Has that settled your separation anxiety? I will still be around, dear reader. And you can typically set your clock to my posts too. I am going to still prioritize this time as I find it rather therapeutic, its just moving down the list a few notches from the 1st.
So, right then. This week. Lets see… I was on call and worked late on Sunday night. So I had Monday to redo the site. I chose a new theme and checked that everything worked, and then decided I didn’t like the theme, got bored and left it. What this means is, expect another change sooner rather than later. The end goal is to have a fresh modern site. A site that brings to mind all the current cool and hip buzz words. Light. Airy. Modern. Yes.
The last bits of my computer are being shipped, so you lucky reader, you got an update on that. It excites me. I think I am pretty funny. So I combined my excitement and humor into a few paragraphs of nerding out. Admit it, you enjoyed it. Even if you didn’t understand half the words. I can see you smiling already. If not, go back and read it again. I’ll wait…
And my last post was one I wanted to write for a long time. I purposefully toned it down because it was going to be a lot harsher than it currently is. Pretty much, too many people have asked me for advice and then given me excuses on why they cant follow that advice. People are blaming everyone and everything and even the weather for why they cant do something, or why its too hard, or even their situation at work. When some self-reflection and self-awareness would do wonders. People have forgotten how to be responsible, or perhaps they never learnt. Your life is your responsibility. If you aren’t getting a promotion, you aren’t working hard enough. If you aren’t getting fitter, you aren’t working hard enough. If you aren’t making time to improve your life, then its clearly not important enough. So stop moaning, because I am done listening. This is as much to me as it is to you. Ok, so maybe its more to you. Its your life after all.
As you can tell, I a very passionate about self-improvement, Maybe a bit too much. I must be quite overbearing sometimes to poor Simonie. But she takes it all in her stride. What a special young lady!
So with that in mind, the next week is rushing headlong our way. This week will be a week of planning and To-Do’s. So the posts will probably be a bit all over the place. But I will make sure I have a post for every single one of these last few nights.
Have a good week, dear reader. Go out there, and crush it!

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Rebekah · May 29, 2017 at 12:56 pm

Sounds like a good, hard and fast plan. =)
Also, nice priority rearrangement.

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