If you think about it, we spend a lot of time with people we work with. We spend 40 hours a week with them, and occasionally have to spend an extra 5 or 6 at some or other function. A small thread connects everyone and keeps all the unspoken rules in place. This small thread is professionalism. The idea that we are to generally behave in a manner that doesn’t lead to an embarrassed next day around the water cooler.
I believe in this “‘good manners of business” as it makes the gears of working life easier to turn. And when its easier to turn, everyone leaves work having had, if not a super exciting or optional day, at least a good day. People are content enough to return to work with you the next day and continue in doing what ever it is that they do. We all have an idea of how this business version of the gentleman’s agreement should go, so when we come across a particularly abrasive character, well, its not a pleasant experience.
Now I realise that I am sounding like a millennial here with the “don’t offend me” and “things are the way I want” but hear me out. Its more than what I want, or what I should get out of it. This is courtesy, a pleasant environment in which work can be done. If some person is going out of their way to offend or be abrasive, then that says a whole lot more about them than anything. Manners don’t cost you anything. Being a nice human being, even when delivering crushing news, is always possible. It why we have business and monkeys have forests.
So next time you’re at work, or really anywhere around people, remember to ask yourself “Would I want to associate with the person I am being right now.” If the answer is yes and you’re being a dick and all negative, well then good luck to you because I for one wont hire you.
Remember folks, your attitude affects others. Check yourself once in a while. Or you’ll find yourself out of work and uninvited to any social events.

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