Hello dear reader. Yes, for fame and glory, I now present you the account that has and will to be of todays goings on. My other post about broken bones and unkind doctors was such a hit, at least by my standards, that I now present you the sequel. Please note that what follows is modified from an email I sent to my mom.

Ok, so you got the just of everything, and if you don’t, then look at my post – Birthdays and Brokeness which is lying around here somewhere. Now the details. Also please excuse the lack of capitals that follow as my left hand is getting really tired. For those late in joining, the story goes that today was my two week check up of my shattered limb. Thats all it was meant to be. And now I find myself scheduled for an unknown time tomorrow for an operation. Of course, I do not take kindly to that type of language and promptly freak out. To the degree, that I get my own room. To wait in. For almost 6 hours! Luckily Simone was with me, or I would have escaped, taking my mangled appendage with me. So, Scene 1, enter stage left….

the doctors – of whome ive now seen 3, are all younger than me, and have the audacity to look like rockstars. they explained that they are going to make a small cut on my forearm and insert either a metal rod or a metal plate or, if it can be done, just wires, to hold the arm straight while it heals. this will forever be in me but it cuts recovery cast time down to 4 weeks post op. instead of the 6 to 12 they were looking at. of course this excited simone who’s first thought is that we can now go to the beach in summer. the fact that its not at a good angle surprises no one, due to the angle of my cast. I now seriously doubt the validity of these “doctors”. the operation is due to take 2 hours, with me being there overnight. im going to milk my night in hospital for all its worth and get sympathy out of everyone.

the break details (these are from simone who was paying attention while i was almost in tears – just a mild panic attack) :

the arm was set ok at first but has moved into a bad position – like a dinosaur claw. i wish i could describe it better. its not nearly cool enough to be anything dinosaur or claw-like about it. so they are going to put a rod in it to keep it in place. i’ll only have one scar – and this excited little simone all over again – she thinks scars are cool. and then got even more excited when realised i’ll be like Wolverine from the X-Men. yes, they get capitals because they are really cool. i’ll be asleep the whole time with simone looking after me and letting the doctors know how anxious i get. her little sister – jess – is baking brownies for me, and i’ll probably spend Wednesday night at their house to recover again. the Thursday i am to sit on my backside all day because im not allowed to use my arm.

of course i have managed to milk it already on facebook for all the comments its worth. i suspect i am the most exciting thing to happen to hawkes bay. as you can tell, this has not impeded my sense of humour, although i do suspect its mostly the shattered nerves doing the talking now. im partly terrified and mostly petrified. but do not fret, i am in good hands. the van Eyssen family have been nothing but great to me. and i really need to organise them a trip to austraila for all they have done. flowers and biltong will not cut it. haha.

so do not worry mother. i am fine. just one handed at the moment. but its a good thing. i have to eat slower so i’ll lose weight. and i cant game so it forces me to socialize.

So there you have it reader.

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