Fun Friday is about to get nerdy up in here! So hold onto your keyboards, and put down your Linux ISOs, because we’re diving into Powershell. But this is Fun Friday and not Tech Tuesday, you may say. And to that I say “pah!” I am having fun with Powershell, so therefore it is part of Fun Friday. And maybe some of Tech Tuesday is leaking in.

Right, so whats so fun about Powershell?

Honestly, I don’t even know. All I do know is that for the past two days, my job has involved me solving problems by using Powershell to connect to Azure and Office 365 and I have loved every minute of it. Something about having the Powershell command window open, typing commands left right and center and having it effect a servers in another country just jiggles me.

And then you get into scripting! Scripting is the best and laziest way to admin anything. In fact, I started even trying to script local Active Directory computers when I was still at the Port. Simply because I wanted to. And to see if it was doable. And so that i could automate certain repetitive tasks.

These past two days saw me connecting to Azure, Office 365 and Sharepoint Online, doing everything from getting access logs, to permission levels, to email tracing. I can count the number of times I got bored on one hand! Powershell also allows you to think about servers differently. Suddenly its not a machine you’re talking to, its a service. That change in thinking is what I like.

The machine can be anywhere. The computer i am currently using, one thats in the server room 10 meters away, or a few thousand on the other side of the planet. It doesn’t matter. You talk to the service and it does the hard work of finding the answers.

It makes me look forward to my new job, where cloud is going to be the majority of what I work on. I look forward to learning all the ins and outs of Azure and Office 365. And really getting good at Powershell. Honestly, that is what i am most excited about!

Cloud is the future. Its here. Its alive. And Powershell is the lightening rod to the cloud monster. I just hope I am good enough to be Frankenstein.