I have been listening to a lot of Jordan Peterson lately. Apart from speaking a lot of sense in this age of feelings over fact, he has some fantastic advice. If you don’t know who he is, his YouTube page is over here.

“If you want to change the world, you better make sure your room is clean first.”
This is the advice that has resonated with me. I don’t know why. It just says to me that in order to do big things, make sure your little things are in order. And maybe for you, cleaning your room, due to your environment, will be a massive task and a giant win. For others, it might be as simple as picking up those week old undies off the floor. For myself, well its helped me realize that I own a freaking house. Its not a rental. I can and have the ability and the permission to change stuff. Do I not like the color? I can change it. Do I want a giant Xbox controller stencil on the wall? Sure thing!

So now of course, I want to change everything.

And I am inspired! There is so many opportunities for activities. No longer will I live in a green and purple house. No I say. Those days are numbered.

I am motivated. I am wanting to #doGreatThings. And since that starts with cleaning what is essentially my entire bedroom (this bedroom has a fridge in it!), then I’m keen!

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