There is a famous story – whether true or not – of John F Kennedy touring a NASA facility in 1962. Kennedy noticed a janitor going about his business. He stopped the janitor and asked him what is is he does.
“Well sir, I am helping put men on the moon!” was his reply.
This man had vision. He was aware that his contribution to other people, allowing them to do their jobs would mean that they would succeed and in turn that would be his success. When we see the vision of the company, the project, the hardships we are working through, we suddenly become aware of the bigger picture. We are suddenly working towards something and not “just working here”.
Recently I have been struggling with motivation to write. I placed more value on the hits on my site, I saw each project in hours instead of days or weeks, and anything that wouldn’t fit into that got ignored. My mind was not on the mission. I wasn’t thinking about why I was doing it instead getting caught up in the results. “I need to write more to increase my hits” rather than “I should write because I enjoy it, to get better and because I have a story that needs to come out.” One leads to me not blogging and one leads me to blogging every moment I get. It even leads to games not being played, in a weird way.
I need to remember the why. Why am I doing what I do. Why do I want to do this. Slow down and enjoy the journey.
Why do I want to write?
I enjoy it. I like playing with words. Words can be like water, as it flows over your hands. They can pull you one way or another. Writing, to me, is the power of dictating where a stream flows. I might not be perfect, but I enjoy it, dammit, so I think I will continue. People can read what I write. They can disagree with what I have to say. They can flood my site. They can ignore my thoughts. I will write because I enjoy it.

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