I can only speak for myself and my experiences, but what I have seen in the world is that people are no longer imitating successful people. No one is allowing themselves to be mentored. In fact, trying to correct someone, whether online or in person, is the quickest way to offend.

These days, people have developed soft skins and inflated, fragile egos.

In the past, a young man or woman would seek out an apprenticeship and during this time, while teaching them how to do the job, their master would typically mentor them in all aspects of life. These days, society is not structured the same way, but we are still left with those who look for guidance. Where do they end up looking? MTV, Instagram, their teachers – almost no one of stature that have their best interests at heart. Instead its all about selling them a dream, often its the very dream that they happen to be selling. Teachers are too overworked and underpaid in every single nation, yet they help mold the minds of the future. Surely they should be worth a lot more? People famous for being famous are telling girls that to be worth anything comes down to looks and boys are told they are the problem.

In my peer group, I don’t know anyone that is actively being mentored right now. Or even actively mentoring anyone. No one is accountable to someone who is able to pull them up on their behavior. Sure we have peers, but they aren’t the person who will have that hard, uncomfortable conversation with you.

This is something that Simone bought up recently and that I have come to feel is missing from my life – having someone who I can talk to. About my hopes, dreams, fears and thoughts. Sure, I have Simone and she is great to talk to, but (thankfully) she is not a man. And sometimes men have to be able to open up to men about these things. I’d almost go so far to say that none of my friends, peers or co-workers actually know much about me. Partly because I am a guarded person, and actually shy-away from talking about myself.

Everything I read and listen to points to the fact that great men of history have had that mentor, that bond.

Is it even possible to be good, or even great, without it?

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