It could be the fact that I went to an all boys Primary School, where high value was placed on being a gentleman. It could be the excellent job my mother did raising me. It could even be the friends I chose to surround myself with. It could be a mixture of these external influences, yet today I find myself valuing manners and politeness. It doesn’t cost anything to be civil to your fellow human being. And it even may cause some extra effort. Yet the reward of having a pleasant interaction seems to far outweigh the effort.

Yet here we are, talking about manners. A lost art of this generation it seems. So I have taken upon myself to impart some knowledge for those of us lacking in this department. For instance, you do not come along and insult someone’s music tastes in their own home. They opened their house to you, for half an evening, you can suck it up and keep all comments to yourself until the drive back home. Just like you leave your personal prejudices and beliefs on the porch when being a guest. If something doesn’t sit right with your moral code, you are under no obligation to take part or even stay. Politely thank the host for the invite and scamper off.

Remember kids, its not that hard to be civil and ensure everyone has a good time. You might even be invited back.

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