“We’re running the dumbest experiment in history right now, which is to see how much carbon dioxide the atmosphere can handle before there is an environmental catastrophe.” Elon Musk
Would you believe, dear reader, that there are people out there who believe, and will argue, that global warming is a hoax, or made up, or even a Chinese plot? The very idea itself seems ridiculous and far fetched. All the data, all the experts, all the old ladies muttering how “winter is a lot worse these days” and yet people still choose to stick their head in the sand and be none the wiser. These leaders have made it harder for the typical working man to even start in the right direction with solar tax (charging a tax to the people who have solar panels), giving huge government funding to coal and even reclassifying what counts as clean water…
Since some of the chosen leaders of the world are deciding that it doesn’t exist, and its not their job to fix, then that leaves it up to us, Joe Public. But what can a typical working man do? Climate change is a global issue, and we are but one person. Surely my changes can’t make a difference? The answer lies not with just one of us, but with each of us. And it begins with a very small change. A change to your daily routine, a change to how you do something, or a change to your house. Together, little changes add up.
So what can you do? The answer is “How far do you want to go?” We have solar for electricity and hot water. Natural gas for cooking and heating. Composting to reduce food waste. Recycling, which in this country, is just about law. Public transport. LED bulbs. Farmers markets. Even getting rid of your gas guzzler to get a Prius. The list goes on. There are many things you can do, or you can do it all.
We are slowly killing tomorrow. It is not us that will have to worry about rising sea levels. Its not us that will go to war for clean water and arable land. It will be our children and our children’s children. Do we want to give them a world in which rain forests are relegated to the history books? Where elephants and bears are the dodos of their time?
Its up to us to stop this dumb experiment. Its up to us to choose what type of world we are leaving for the future generations. We can do it. Vote with your wallet, and soon every company will prioritize the environment.
We can’t reverse global warming, but we can stop it. Together.

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