Wander through any industrial site, or in fact, any place of business and apart from seeing a lot of office drones, you’ll see something else. You’ll see cables from monitors, extension cables with a 6 plugs just lying on the floor and even a fine film of dust on the monitors. You’ll see the mess of people too busy to clean or make neat. You’ll see the result of companies that prioritize the profit over the people.

People like clean environments. By our very human nature, we like to tidy up messes. No one keeps their house dirty on purpose. And yet, look into the offices – no one takes pride in their desk. As long as the tools work, who cares what they look like, right? 

Today I saw so much room for improvement, and no drive to do so. No overarching goal to make things better. Everyone is just happy with the status quo. Its something I have noticed about some Kiwi’s – they are happy to let things be as they have always been. 

As long as the tools work, who cares what they look like?

I do.
Just because I use something, or something is useful (or even not completely useless), doesn’t mean it has to look terrible. 

We have allowed ourselves to revolve every single decision around money and not the joy. 
The joy of looking at something beautiful. The joy of taking pride in what we do. Even the joy we bring to others.

So ask yourself – your environment – the one you work in – do you take pride in it? Or is just a desk, and a screen, and a computer?

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