It makes me sad that today, the majority of the world equates Christians with idiots. I am sure you have heard it – the age old “Science is for the intellectuals, religion is for the rest.” Of course this is a stereotype. Just the same as assuming all atheists can not be moral people. The fault lies on both sides of this fence.

The stereotype for Christians is due to the out right rejection of science. Similar to how the guitar, then drums, were the instrument of the devil.

The stereotype for atheists is that because they have no archetype to follow or impress they can not have morals or be good people.

As you can see, both are due to ignorance and emphasis on just one characteristic. Surely as Christians, we are called to be like Jesus – who, if I remember correctly, did not ask any one if they were a bad person, what religion they were, or even if they believed in a God  – but instead help our fellow man to the best of our abilities. And surely, those that are not militant atheists , are able to be moral and kind and a good person.

Science is not the enemy. And its never a bad or a wrong thing to question the status quo. In fact, you should only stop questioning when you’re dead – for then you will have the answers you seek. Or in some cases, you would have ceased caring of the questions all together.

I suppose my point is this: only if you have a borderline psychotic compulsion to always be right, there is nothing to gain from arguing about certain things. Instead, spend that time finding what you have in common.

This goes to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and to all those that think we are idiots for believing.

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