As I sit here, on this, the second day of 2016, I have 7 days to go until I get married. And as I sit here, I am thinkng of vows. Of promises for the future.
How I long to weave the words as skillfully as a tailor weaves the thread. How I long to make words dance. Alas, I can’t find even the most simplist of words which would even begin to describe what I feel for my betrothed. We call them feelings because they are more than words. What word do we have for happiness that can truely do that feeling justice? 
I am no wordsmith. I can mearly offer snipets from the inside of my head. Any words I choose would be inadequate,. They would pale in comparison to the beauty I find in this girl. And here in lies the problem. Anything I say, or could think of, will be bested by my own thoughts a few minutes, hours or days after I have said them. And if my own thoughts are able to one up each other, then what more of someone who is truely skilled with language?
So I sit here. And I think.
I want the world to know that she is my most favourite face.

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