For almost 10 years, I have been a fan of the TV show “How I Met Your Mother”. I remember the days when my friends from Varsity College would all crowd around my humble 17 inch screen to watch the latest instalment of our favourite show. I remember “suiting up” with one of my best friends to go clubbing.  I remember trying many of the hilarious Barney lines on random girls, just for laughs. I remember this show fondly. It played no small part in me deciding to leave South Africa. It introduced to me to the most awesome character to ever grace the small screen.

And now, its ended. The final episode has been shown. The question has been answered. The mother has been met. In 9 seasons, with the highs and lows, visiting McLaren’s pub countless times, the whole story has been ruined by the last 2 episodes. The. Last. Two…

There is much I can say about the end. There is much to miss. But what I will miss the most, is Barney Stinson. His unfailing nerve, always ready to accept a challenge, and very ability to live life outside of any comfort zone, is an inspiration to us all. Sure, he is a bit dodgy in his motives, but the fact that he sticks by his word is encouraging. He brought the high five, suits, lazer tag and answering “Please” to questions about careers into all our lives.

With so much to say, I will leave you with this: How I Met Your Mother inspired me to do many great (and stupid) things. I will choose to believe it ends differently, and I will never forget to “Suit up!”

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