This plane! Right here! This is the one we went on.

Due to travelling on a South African passport, Australia has always been more trouble than its worth when trying to visit. sure, I could jump through the hoops and make the effort, but when one of the visa questions is “Please provide proof that you have never been a member of the Australian Armed Forces” you tend to give up and book your honeymoon in Fiji instead. Which, when looking back, was 110% the better call.

Now that I am a New Zealander – I say things like “no worries”, “yeah”, “mate”, “she’ll be alright”, “mint”, and “tight” while eating fush an chups – and have the official documentation to prove it, I can wonder into Oz with little more than a wink and a “G’day mate”. You may think I’m joking, but coming through immigration and customs, I must’ve only spoken to one person who told me where the exit was. It was a breeze. Scan passport here. Look at this camera. Welcome in Mr Dunkerley. We hope you find a koala to be your new best friend.

It’s been three days (?? maybe four) and so far it’s been an adventure of eating. And looking at cool street art. Melbourne is a lot like Wellington – corporate meets artsy. Maybe more artsy than anything. So much art in fact that it’s on almost every single building. On Friday, Simone and I wondered down the Main Street of Richmond and I found some cool street art I wanted a photo of. At the same time a delivery or rubbish truck was pulling up to the side of the road which would have blocked the photo. Not only did this driver stop, but he reversed to move out the way! Little acts like this have been pretty common for Melbourne. People seem really friendly, and well aware of those around them. For me, it gives Melbourne a village feel rather than a giant city.

The street art in question

The food has been amazing, which is all thanks to Jeremy. He has been an awesome tour guide, taking us to a lot of interesting places, showing us how the public transport works, and dealing with our stupid questions with only small sighs. There is so much to do and see here, I can really see how someone would have their travel itch scratched for at least two years.

Tour guide. Model. Friend. Amazing human.

In a testament to the guide and the food, last night Jeremy took us to The Resistance – a burger joint in Glenn Faery (not too sure on the spelling) and it was the best burger I’ve ever put into my face hole. Like, I’m completely ruined now. And apparently this is only the second best burger…

Burger! With fried chicken!

Today we’re off to the Zoo! So who knows, maybe some penguins will break out, or we’ll touch a koala, or we’ll hear wombat farts? I’m looking forward to it. I know Simone is really keen on seeing the Aussie animals. Mostly because they’re cute but also because they are very, very odd.

Train station! Who doesn’t love trains!

All photos captured on my iPhone 11 Pro Max. For more, check out my Instagram.


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