There seems to be a disturbing trend going around which I have noticed. This trend alarms and frightens me. Surely something like this cant happen, nay, should not happen. And yet, I see it before my very eyes, it does! Not only does it happen, but its encouraged!

Yes my dear readers (all three of you), I am talking about a girls attitude towards gaming. Not just any girl, no, girlfriends! These so called girlfriends see fit to stop a person they claim to care about from partaking in an activity that brings great joy to said person. The joy of gaming (and visiting or keeping in regular contact with their friends). They decide that their boyfriends will not play any more computer games. Now to me this sounds absolutely absurd. And to you my dear readers, I am sure you are reeling in your comfortable arm chairs, saying such things as “What a horrible fate!” and “How can this be so?”.  Yet with my own eyes, I have seen these atrocities! One of my friends is no longer allowed to play World of Warcraft, another has to steal gaming time after his girlfriend has gone to bed. Seriously, do these men lack balls? The balls to stay up late and play a computer game. The balls to say to their lovers “I am sorry but you will not dictate to me how I chose to spend my time and money”. It seems not, dear readers. Alas, it seems not…

I faced this similar situation a few years ago, although it was not with any girlfriend at that time. Some girl who liked me started getting jealous of my time spent playing Eve Online (a really epic game!). I posed these questions to my friends with me in the game. (Real friends, people I knew before I started playing in real life, not people I met in the game world). The overwhelming answer of course was a simple “What I do with my time when we are not together is my problem”. I didn’t see why there was an issue. If I want to play games when I am not busy, then surely I am big enough to decide what I do and do not need to be mothered or smothered. And guess what, my view still hasn’t changed.

I know this is a long rant, but its something that gets to me. If I want to play games, do not, I repeat DO NOT, tell me I cant. You want to build resentment in a relationship, the quickest way is to start telling your boyfriend he can no longer partake is his favourite past time. How do I know its his favourite? I was his friend for a lot longer than he has been shagging you.

And as I prepare to wind down, I know the blame can not rest solely on the shoulders of these harlots. Some blame must be passed onto these guys for allowing such behaviour, even rewarding it. So next time you are forbidden from doing something like Eve or WoW, remember who is supposed to wear the pants and grow a spine.

To my dear reader, you, yes you. I apologise for ranting and frothing, but I am sure you can relate on personal freedoms. Now farewell and goodnight.

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Lynda · July 15, 2012 at 10:59 am

Easy solution: Find a female gamer!

I don't understand why said girlfriends always try and stop said boyfriends from playing games… what are they afraid of?

I quite enjoy playing games with my husband! It's one of the things we can do together and have fun doing. He's much better at things than me, and so can help me out, or do the hard parts… but come on now! Girls… TRY and join the world of gaming! Don't try and say 'no you can't do that!' Guys… Get your girls involved! Don't let them say you can't do something if you want to do it! I'm sure you were gaming LOOOOOONG before they came along! You probably will be long after they've gone too! Get the love of games instilled in them, and they'll thank you later!

Evan Russell · July 15, 2012 at 9:08 am

^_^ YUS!!!!

I couldn't have said it better. A man needs his gaming/alone time. I hate the feeling of being mothered/smothered. It's like I can't even go to the loo without being given directions and having my hand held. GAH! Gets on my last nerve, was also an issue I've had recently. >_> but alas, us men who have better/worse halves wants to have a comfy life and not have arguments. Though I am sure these men are whipped . . . <_< *coughs*

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