Genetically modified food. Sounds scary doesn’t it? There is a lot of controversy about this topic. Many people claim we are playing God. Others say we are saving the world. What we are doing is just speeding up evolution. And why shouldn’t we?  We already do it to ourselves.

You may stop and think about that last sentence – we already genetically modify ourselves. You may get angry and argue but the fact is that the future of human evolution is in our hands. And it has been for a while. We vaccinate, we transplant organs, we filter our blood, all with the use of machines. This is altering the course of human evolution. We are resistant to diseases which should kill us, or make us sterile. We remove appendixes when they malfunction. We even take out teeth that do not grow correctly. Who decided that the teeth aren’t growing correctly? Man did. And he decided on the out come. Due to this people are being born with no  appendixes, wisdom teeth are few and far between and only a few of the worlds population will become sterile through diseases due to no immunization.

Humanity is in control of our future evolution. We have been for a while.

So why don’t we control food as well? A seed that has been changed, by some really clever men in white coats, could potentially end would hunger. Meat grown in a lab could stop the need for over fishing or industrialised farming. To see a county with starving masses turn away food from the UN because it happens to be genetically modified, now that’s stupidity.

Homo Sapiens are an endangered species. We only exist here. On one little planet. In one arm of an insignificant galaxy amongst billions. And yet we argue over the fact that our food is of inferior quality. We make cars, computers, even mobile phones better every year, and yet we refuse to do that to our source of life – food.

So why shouldn’t we genetically modify our food? We already do it to ourselves. And from the moment we are born too…

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Pollynator · January 26, 2012 at 9:19 am

“we already genetically modify ourselves”
We don't really. We aren't actually changing our genetic make-up at all. Sure we alter our body but we are not actually affecting our genetics just result of our genetics.

I for one have no issue with modified foods. If it means more efficient, better tasting, more nutritious products then what is the issue?

I totally agree with your points about the food though!

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