What the heck does that date have to do with Winning Wednesdays? And why so specific? Are you getting obsessed with numbers again Kyle? Are you going to run around and try convince us that everything adds up to 23 and that it’s a vast conspiracy perpetrated by the aliens that made the pyramids in order to take over the lizard people that live in the Earth’s moon again?

Not this time, folks.

I have chosen this day and date to cover for Winning Wednesdays for some very specific reasons. Reasons that may become clear to you the more you read this blog post. In fact, you’ll have all the reasons by the time you have finished reading, should you get all the way to the end. The end being the last full stop before the comments start.

Right, so why is this day on Winning Wednesdays and why are we talking about the future?

Mainly for two reasons.

Friday the 9th is my last day at my current job. And while I will miss my current colleges, the work we did and the place, it represents a massive step in the right direction career wise. I’ll be moving to more a Cloud focused role. Microsoft Azure Cloud to be exact. And while I am rather nervous (stupid impostor syndrome), I think I’ll learn a lot working with it every day to a degree I have not yet. I am excited about this next chapter in my career. This is something to look forward to. The next phase in the story of Kyle.

Friday the 9th is also when the brand new Slipknot album drops. To be honest, the first time I heard the single Unsainted, I was not convinced. And I am still not convinced with Solway Firth, while the other two singles have won me over. In all fairness, the reviews are all raving about this release, and I can totally see myself rushing out to buy the limited edition with vinyl copy. It is Slipknot after all! They remain one of my most favourite bands ever, even after All Hope is Gone. So my hope is not gone for this album. In addition to TOOL coming to Apple Music, this week is going to be like my birthday! Coming into the Dunkerley household this weekend, you had better prepare yourself for either of those bands. In all likelihood, it will be Slipknot on repeat.

It will be Slipknot. All weekend.

Now to top it off, Friday night will be a small get together with mates as we go out for Burgers & Beers.

Does that answer your question? I think it should. Three things on one day, some bigger than others, but still, something to get really excited about.

This is now the end. You can stop reading. Bye-bye now.

PS: Now that everyone else has stopped reading, those aliens are totally trying to get a hold of 1960’s Soviet space tech as its the only thing the Moon Lizards wont be able to detect. They planted the pyramids here last week, and used mind control creme on the human population to convince us they have been here for thousands of years. The pyramids are where they are storing all their gear, in preparation for the hostile takeover of our moon. I am not sure who’s side we should be on, as we are just caught in the middle of this. Neither wants to destroy the moon, which is good, because I quite like it, personally. But maybe we should question why the aliens want to take it over, or why the Moon Lizards don’t want that to happen…