The flying squirrel, does not, in fact fly. It’s one of the odd things of life. But then again gliding squirrels doesn’t have the same ring to it. It doesn’t roll off the tongue as well. Well I digress. The point of this is that flying squirrels leap off a branch into nothing. Nothing but the hope that on the other side of that brief glide, where gravity tries hard to assert its dominance over this fuzzy creature, is another branch. Often, it lands just fine on another tree and trots off to get itself a rewarding snack. Its bugs to us, but to this squirrel, its a fine course. After all, wouldn’t you need a reward after leaping that far?

So following this example, I have leapt out my tree. And oh what a world awaits! If you have ever traveled, you will know the feeling. The realization that there is more than one tree, that your tree isn’t all its cracked up to be, and what wonderful other trees are waiting for you to discover them. The current tree I am in is, for lack of a better word, fantastic. Living here for 2 months so far, and you wonder how or why people live they way they do. Surely they must realize that there is better else where?

Well the one thing I have noticed, is the complete lack of willingness to leap, how complacent people get. Yes its comfortable, but you don’t grow as a person if you keep your wings folded up. Being terrified is a part of life, and its the part of life thats exciting and new. If we all knew how things would work out, what motivation would we have for doing it? After all, we all know the end result, if we are honest. We all know where we are going. Its whats in between that matters. The journey is far better than the destination, and if you argue with that, well then I have a nice white jacket to give you and look at those nice people that are here to look after you…

So if all we have is the journey, then why do we stick to one tree? Why not go to all the trees? Just remember to give yourself a rewarding snack when you land safely. And you will land safely. Humans always land on their feet. Figuratively of course, don’t go jumping out buildings now! We have this ability to make anything work for us, use it!

Change is constant. If it isn’t, you are doing something wrong.

The journey should be fun. If it isn’t, ask yourself why. After all, you are the driver.

Take the leap, be fuzzy, grow skin wings, do it all and find a new tree. My one has acorns on it. Yum!

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